Table of Contents
1. Instruction of submission
2. Output of ScreenCap3
3. Selecting cut-off values in ScreenCap3
4. Retrieving previous prediction results
5. Questions, Comments and Problems

Instruction of submission [back to top]
Users can submit either of the followings:
1) UniProt protein name (UniProt ID/AC) in the textbox.
2) Protein sequence of interest in single FASTA format.
After submiting your file:

Output of ScreenCap3 [back to top]
1) Posterior class probability calculated by LIBSVM (ver 3.17).
2) Information of predicted cleavage sites.

In ScreenCap3, the output score indicates the probability to be a cleavage site of Caspase-3 and ranges from 0 to 1. About how it is claculated, please check this reference [link] provided in LIBSVM website.

Selecting cut-off values in ScreenCap3 [back to top]
Default cut-off value for our model is set at 0.7 based on a 5-fold cross validation result using our training data set. The cut-off value can be adjusted according to user demands.

The table and PR-curve below demonstrate the corresponding performances when different cut-off values are selected. Users can change the cut-off vaule to match their own needs.

Retrieving previous prediction results [back to top]
In ScreenCap3, every successful sumbission has a unique job ID. Using this job ID and our results retrieval function, users can find the prediction results of their previous submissions.

Questions, Comments and Problems [back to top]
E-mail: sc3-ml [at]